The Gilded Cabinet

A board for every occasion

Posted by Leanne Williams, Friday September 5, 2014

At The Gilded Cabinet we have a bit of a weakness for chopping boards, we can always make space or find an excuse to squeeze a new one into our kitchens. Maybe it is the fact that they are so tactile, starting out all smooth and unmarked or the fact that they just get better with use and age as the knife lines and general wear and tear make their mark. Whether they are the everyday workhorse or the dinner party platter they always seem to be at the heart of cooking, entertaining and sharing food. The grain, texture and shape of each piece is so unique, nature’s own art form, and they look great hooked up on the wall when not in use.

Our current favourites include the chunky, hugely heavy Big Daddy board and its little brother, the finer profiled slim serving boards perfect for cheese and these beautifully carved, more ornate platters. That should cover all eventualities…. for the moment…..



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