The Gilded Cabinet


Posted by Leanne Williams, Tuesday October 17, 2017

Here at The Gilded Cabinet we love a good cushion scheme, there’s nothing else like it to pull together a room and finish it off properly. We know that most men are missing the cushion gene and cannot understand the point of them as they get in the way and there’s constant moaning about not being enough space to sit on the sofa, or jokes about the cushions breeding and multiplying but it is a fab way to add personality to a room and have some fun.

Playing with print, colour and texture to achieve the perfect balance that draws your eye around the room, not too matched but not completely random, the odd little clash to lift the scheme and a mix of patterns to add real interest and depth. It’s a bit of a jigsaw puzzle swapping fabrics in and out until you have the ideal balance and it just feels right and flows well. Be brave, be bold, mix it up.

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