The Gilded Cabinet

Four days and counting

Posted by Boo Craig Wood, Monday September 9, 2013
Signwriter painting the Gilded Cabinet sign.

This is our first entry for ‘Thoughts from The Cabinet’. There is so much to say, it seems difficult to know where to start…

It’s Sunday night and what a week it has been. Everything seems to have happened at once and so many decisions have been made. We are VERY excited though. We are not complaining, Leanne and I are bursting with excitement as we draw ever closer to the launch night — four days and counting. The signs are now hanging on the front of TGC HQ, in full view of Alton, the print on the letterhead is drying, the website went live on Friday and everyone seems to be talking about us. It is nothing short of a miracle that our vision of few months ago is finally being brought to life. We are very happy indeed, if a little tired.

We’ve spent this weekend unwrapping all the treasures we have hunted and gathered over the last few months — it feels like Christmas but so much more enjoyable as we LOVE everything that emerges from the boxes. The challenge is trying to fit it all in. We are getting there slowly and we will be ready on Thursday afternoon to welcome you all through our bright green door. Just need to remember to order the wine in.


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