The Gilded Cabinet

Is it really February already?

Posted by Leanne Williams, Sunday February 9, 2014

TheA board new year is well underway and all our good intentions and resolutions of blogging regularly have gone completely out of the window! January seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye and although we have got our Facebook page up and running and been featured in the fantastic Style Lane blog. We have crossed off ‘a big A board’ from our to do list. Our utterly brilliant signwriter, Gerald Whittaker delivered our board just before Christmas, we are thrilled. Twitter is eluding us and still on our to do list…

January has seen us out treasure hunting for lovely new furniture as we sold some of our bigger items just before Christmas. Boo has been driving a van up and down the country in filthy weather while I attempt to map read — not my strong point. Amongst the mud and pouring rain we have loaded up (often with the help of some kind burly gents) some really stunning and decidedly heavy pieces which are now happily at home in the shop.


Our upholsterer has also done an amazing job on the antique French chairs and sofa we brought back. The proportions on the little sofa, with its hand carved castors, are really elegant and it is now sitting looking rather wonderful in the design studio.


It is always tricky deciding what to upholster our furniture in as there is such a choice of lovely fabrics. Inevitably we can’t resist and always end up doing something we love and that would fit into our own houses rather than playing it safe. Surely everyone has space for a little shot of something fabulous…



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