The Gilded Cabinet


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Organise your desk, bag, life with these cool metallic pencil cases. Slim and stylish, this is the perfect sized pencil case for all your stationery needs and who can resist a bit of sparkle with the fab metallic finish. Choose from gold, silver and copper. This could also be used as a make-up bag for brushes or just the essentials.

Handmade in Italy from a unique washable paper, it has the look and feel of leather and will get better and better with age.

This brilliant and innovative product is made from paper using a cultivated fibre which does not contribute to deforestation and is extremely strong and durable. Uashmama is passionate about combining tradition and functionality with beauty and design.

To clean, wipe with a damp soft cloth and mild soap to maintain the metallic finish. Do not machine wash. Do not dry clean.

Dimensions L16.5cm x W6cm x H7cm
Handmade in Italy