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There is a nip in the air…

Posted by Boo Craig Wood, Sunday November 17, 2013

Yesterday morning was the first time this season that I have had to scrape ice off the car windscreen. It seems winter has taken its time to get going, but here it is at last.

As well as my nose feeling decidedly chilly whilst walking the dogs across the fields, I can feel a tingle in my toes with the excitement of long winter nights, casseroles simmering in the slow cooker, the obligatory bottle of red wine and a roaring log fire. The other very exciting event of course, is Christmas. Leanne is beside herself with excitement at the thought of decorating the Christmas tree in the shop and adorning everything in tinsel. I on the other hand, am fretting about how we are going to fit the massive blue spruce that she has set her heart upon into the shop.

We have been hunting and gathering like squirrels collecting nuts for the winter season and the shop is full to bursting! With Christmas in mind we have sourced some unusual stocking fillers as well as more gorgeous and tasteful things for the home. We have extended Thursday’s opening hours to accommodate those hard working commuters and our bright green door will be open from 6pm until 9pm on the following dates:

Thursday, 21st November and 28th November, 5th December and 12th December 2013

Please do drop by and have a glass of wine whilst ticking off presents on your Christmas list. We will also be running a present wish list, so if there is anything your heart desires, we will take a note and help your loved ones select the perfect gift for you. We will also help with the wrapping – again something Leanne takes great pride in. This always brings a smile to my face as I am reminded of that scene in Love Actually when Rowan Atkinson performs his gift wrapping magic. (Please note that Leanne has a BA hons degree in wrapping and is super-fast, unlike the afore mentioned actor!)

We very much look forward to welcoming you into our Cabinet of Curiosities over the next few weeks and we hope to make your Christmas shopping this year as pleasurable and delightful as possible.


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